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Department of Political Science and International Relations 02-3290-2180 Homepage Shortcuts

The Korea University Department of Political Science and International Relations concentrates on theoretical investigations and seeks practical plans regarding various issues such as an ideal political system and order for Korean society and dynamic international situations, and the achievements of the department have been widely acknowledged. Moreover, the department has made great accomplishments in cultivating outstanding research personnel and policy experts. The graduates of the department have taken active roles in areas such as academia, politics, political relations, diplomacy, related departments of international organizations, financial circles, journalism, and civic groups.

Department of Economics 02-3290-5140 Homepage Shortcuts

The Korea University Department of Economics has a proud heritage as part of the national university, Korea University. Since 1999, the Department has been selected by the government as a BK21 project participant, being recognized as the best Department of Economics in Korea as well as receiving strong financial support, and has transformed itself into a graduate level research-centered department. The Korea University Department of Economics is leading Korea into the future with outstanding professors who are internationally acknowledged and top students from all over the country. Considering its level of history, tradition, education, and research, the Department has reached an equivalent level with similar departments in the world’s best universities and is ready for the leap to become the most distinguished department in the world.

Department of Statistics 02-3290-2230 Homepage Shortcuts

With the development of scientific technology, the interest in data analysis experts is keener than ever. The Korea University Department of Statistics, founded in 1963 as the first statistics department in Korea, has led the Korean statistical academy and fostered talented individuals who can satisfy constantly increasing social demands. Through programs that encompass various fields, students advance into society to actively demonstrate their abilities in various areas including academia, finance, management, and administration. The department’s performance is reflected in its professors, who have undertaken and accomplished excellent research results, international exchanges, and the specialization and internationalization of statistics education; the Department has been acknowledged for its excellence by the QS World University Rankings, which selected KU as one of the world’s top 100 universities in the field of statistics for four consecutive years.

In this new era of data science, the Korea University Department of Statistics is playing a role as a leader of the future society, fostering top data scientists with quantitative thinking skills and programming abilities while focusing on creative research that can lead toward the future. Furthermore, the Department is striving to become a pioneering department of world-class research through a curriculum that balances theory and practice, an international level faculty, facility expansion, and social contributions.

Department of Public Administration 02-3290-2270 Homepage Shortcuts

The Korea University Department of Public Administration was established in 1955 as the first department of public administration in Korea and has become renowned along with Korea University. The Department has worked in the public sector to function as a cradle of future leaders of Korea and has kept a firm grip on its position as the top research institute in the field of public administration. This is evidenced by the department’s outstanding graduates and its top rankings in various evaluations by external agencies.

However, we are not resting on our past achievements but are writing new chapters through constant reformation. Top class faculty members specializing in various fields of study are pioneering the frontiers of social science through interdisciplinary research and education. Moreover, with the vision to foster global public talents who can contribute to their community, the Department is progressing into the world’s best education and research institute by strengthening academic exchanges with prestigious universities around the world. Moreover, the Department is constantly trying to provide a high quality education and research environment to students via various projects such as Brain Korea 21.