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College Administration Office

College Administration Office - Administrative Organization and Duties
Position Name Tel E-mail Responsibilities
General Manager Paek, Wan Jong 02-3290-1328 sociopaik@korea.ac.kr Faculty personnel system, budget,entrance examination, graduate school (scholarships), conferences,
Senior Administrative Officer Yoon, Hee Kyoung 02-3290-1321 hk_yoon@korea.ac.kr Accounting, research, student affairs, scholarships
Administrative Officer Lee, Ahreum 02-3290-5140 ahreum37@korea.ac.kr Grade, Academic affairs
Administrative Officer Park, So Eun 02-3290-5180 ilyttmab@korea.ac.kr Academic affairs, Grade
Administrative Officer Jo, Seonjeong 02-3290-5130 seonjeong@korea.ac.kr School register, Academic affairs(Graduate School)
Administrative Officer Kim, Se Kyung 02-3290-1327 sekyung@korea.ac.kr School register, Academic affairs(Undergraduate School), Budget
Administrative Officer Han, Jeong Min 02-3290-2231 jmhan201@korea.ac.kr Academic affairs, Scholarships
Administrative Officer Park, So Yoon 02-3290-1323 hidussj@korea.ac.kr Academic affairs, Grade(Graduate School)
Administrative Officer Jung, Soo Kyung 02-3290-1329 jungsk@korea.ac.kr Academic affairs, Scholarships