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Dean's Message

The Pioneer of Social Sciences in Korea, creating cutting-edge knowledge and nurturing future leaders

Welcome to Hoan Jeongdae (虎眼政大)

Korea University's College of Political Science and Economics (KUPE) has been a leading social science institution with the longest history at Korea University. Starting with the Department of Law and the Department of Plutology in 1905, it became an independent college in 1959, Since then, it has produced numerous leaders in Korean society and prominent researchers in the field of social sciences for over 60 years.

As of 2021, the KUPE has about 80 outstanding world-class professors who are making a valuable contribution to the field of social science through research and education in four departments: Political Science and International Relations, Economics, Statistics, and Public Administration. There are about 2,100 excellent students from Korea and abroad who explore new ideas and prepare themselves as future leaders of our society, with the spirit of active intelligence and spiritual attributes.

The KUPE nurtures future leaders of tomorrow with integrated knowledge that our society needs while devoting themselves to the following KU’s spirits: human freedom (LIBERITAS), justice (JUSTITIA) and truth (VERITAS). We believe new leaders in coming decades must have creative problem-solving skills, active intelligence that connects theory with the real world, and spiritual attributes to make their dreams come true while overcoming obstacles. With the eyes of a tiger, the symbol of the KUPE, our students will cultivate insight to make a significant impact in the world. With the KU’s spirits, they must realize the common good of community and contribute to the development of society, the nation, and the world. We provide various supports to help student realize their potentials, including scholarships undergraduate research programs, exchange student programs, classes for preparation of national examination, interdisciplinary majors, and corporate internships.

Our society is rapidly changing. We have already witnessed rapid socioeconomic changes and an accelerated pace of technological development in both Korea and around the world. The KUPE will not rest on its legacy but build on the achievements and move forward. We believe our students have great potential to be future leaders of tomorrow who will be well-prepared for future changes and contribute to the nation and human society. We thank you for all your active participation and valuable contribution.

Thank you.

Prof. Lee, Jong-wha
Dean, College of Political Science and Economics
Korea University