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Undergraduate-Interdisciplinary Programs

Undergraduate-Interdisciplinary Programs
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The interdisciplinary major of PEL 02-3290-2180 Homepage Shortcuts
In the interdisciplinary major of PEL (Politics, Economics and Law) which produces preliminary judicial officers and law students, many departments (Political Science and International Relations, Economics, Statistics, and Public Administration) participate to provide professional knowledge from their areas to actively cultivate the intellectual capacity of students necessary for advancement to the law school.
The interdisciplinary major of Law and Public Administration 02-3290-2270 Homepage Shortcuts
The interdisciplinary major of Law and Public Administration is taught by faculty from the departments of Law and Public Administration. They focus on providing students the general legal education and administration-related professional knowledge that are necessary for leaders of public and quasi-official sectors in modern society. Their objective is to equip competent and talented individuals with outstanding problem-solving and environment-coping skills.
The associated major of Financial Engineering 02-3290-5140 Homepage Shortcuts
In the associated major of Financial Engineering, professors from the departments of Mathematics, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, and Industrial System Information Engineering cooperate to integrate academic theories and advanced financial engineering to nurture future financial industry specialists.


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