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Research Institutes
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Peace & Democracy Institute 02-3290-1644~5 Homepage Shortcuts
Since its establishment in March 1988, the Korea University Peace and Democracy Institute has concentrated on academic research in pursuit of the development of Korean political science and peace on the Korean peninsula. For more than 20 years, the Institute has worked to accomplish numerous research tasks demanded by Korean society. It continues to develop the depth and breadth of its research capacity in its quest to become the best research institute in Korea.
Economic Research Institute 02-3290-1632 Homepage Shortcuts
The Korea University Economic Research Institute was established in 1964. Based on systematic research on economic theories and research-based real-world analysis, the Institute has tried to play a central role in assessing the urgent problems that the Korean economy faces and to seek desirable directions for the Korean economy to follow in in the future.
Institute of Statistics 02-3290-1640 Homepage Shortcuts
The Institute of Statistics, affiliated with Korea University and established in 1975 as the first Korean statistics institute, demonstrates top level research capacities in various fields such as social science data analysis, statistical modeling of high capacity data, design and analysis of investigations, mathematical finance, and biostatistics. Utilizing the professors and doctoral researchers of the Korea University Department of Statistics, the Institute focuses on researching statistical theories and various applied methodologies as well as finding ways to disseminate statistics through lectures and training.
Institute of Governmental Studies 02-3290-1646 Homepage Shortcuts
The Institute of Governmental Studies conducts research efforts such as theory and policy research on public administration, hosts colloquiums and seminars, and publishes an academic journal (Journal of Governmental Studies). Through such activities, the Institute works to investigate the problems of Korean government, seek accurate alternatives, and theorize such findings. With such efforts, the Institute of Governmental Studies has positioned itself as the representative research institute in the field of public administration in Korea.